15        Communication Matters photo contest winners announced 11-15 NSPRA annual conference in New Orleans
16        TSPRA State Office closed
21        TSPRA July newsletter publishes
21        #TSPRA22 conference hotel link releases for hotel reservations
23       TSPRA State Office closed
30       TSPRA State Office closed


2          2022-2023 TSPRA officer nomination applications available
2          [Virtual] Lunch with Lawyer Eichelbaum REGISTER: www.bit.ly/RegisterTSPRA
2          2021-2022 regional meetings posted on TSPRA website
4          2021 Key Communicator announced
6          TSPRA State Office closed
11        #TSPRA22 exhibitor packets available
13        TSPRA State Office closed
16        Last day to call November bond elections
16-27    TSPRA external financial review
18        TSPRA August newsletter publishes
18        [Virtual] Bond Preparation Seminar sponsored by O’Connell Robertson Architects REGISTER: www.bit.ly/RegisterTSPRA
20       TSPRA State Office closed
27        TSPRA State Office closed
30        Fall online learning offerings release


1          Deadline for nomination applications for 2022-2023 TSPRA officers (President-Elect, At-Large VPs, Place 2 and 3, Gulf Coast, HASPRA, SPRINT, Far
1          Deadline for appointments to 2021-2022 Nominating Committee
1          Deadline for dues renewals contest
3          TSPRA State Office closed
6          Labor Day Holiday – TSPRA State office closed
8          Portal opens for submitting #TSPRA22 conference proposals to present
8          2021 Member Review of Financial Records and Procedures Committee [member audit] meets 15 TSPRA weekly newsletter resumes
15        TSPRA leaders expected to have 2021-2022 membership dues renewed
15        Dues renewal contest winners announced
20        Portal opens for Star Awards entries
23        2021-2022 TSPRA Executive Committee meeting in Dallas
23        2021 TSPRA Nominating Committee meets
24-25    TSPRA presents 2021 Key Communicator Award at TASA TASB Convention in Dallas


1          Applications for #TSPRA22 Conference scholarships available
4          #TSPRA22 Conference registration opens
6          2022-2023 Slate of Officers announced
11        Columbus Day | Indigenous Peoples’ Day – TSPRA State Office closed
25        Deadline to submit proposals to present at #TSPRA22 Conference