Regional Meetings

TSPRA Regional Meetings provide additional opportunities for members for professional development and networking throughout the course of the school year with other education communications and foundation professionals from their area.

Meetings are scheduled by the respective Area Vice Presidents either monthly or semi-annually. Click here to learn more about TSPRA’s Area Vice Presidents.


Gulf Coast (ESC Regions 1, 2 & 3)
Houston/Beaumont (ESC Regions 4 & 5)
East Texas (ESC Regions 6, 7 & 8)
North Central (ESC Regions 9. 10 & 11)
West Central (ESC Regions 12, 14 & 15)
Central (ESC Region 13)
Northwest (ESC Regions 16 & 17)
Far West (ESC Regions 18 & 19)
and San Antonio (ESC Region 20)

Vice President Gulf Coast Area
ESC Regions 1, 2 and 3
Craig Verley
Director of Public Relations/Marketing
Mission CISD
1201 Bryce Dr
Mission, TX 78572

Zone Coordinator
Kim Sneed, Flour Bluff ISD

The Gulf Coast Region brings together communicators from ESC Regions 1,2, and 3. Don’t let the name fool you! We are way more than just the southern part of the Gulf Coast, we also include the border region from Brownsville to Laredo. While we generally meet 2-4 times a year, we do try to keep in touch more and are always available to each other for helping out our fellow TSPRA’ns.

Vice President Houston/Beaumont Area
ESC Regions 4 and 5
Kim Hocott
Executive Director of Communications
Pearland ISD
1928 N. Main
Pearland, TX 77588

Zone Coordinator
Chelsea Ceballos, Klein ISD

HASPRA is comprised of TSPRA members in the Houston-Beaumont area, serving members in ESC Regions 4 and 5. HASPRA members meet about six times per year. Members receive regular updates via e-mail, the HASPRA Happenings e-newsletter and the HASPRA private Facebook group.

Up-coming Meeting:

Mark your calendar for next Thursday, May 13 at 3:30 p.m.! We will be having a HASPRA Social Hour on the Remo platform provided by the TSPRA State Office. (Thanks Linsae!)

This casual come-and-go gathering will be a time to visit with HASPRA friends once more this school year, as well as explore the Remo platform. If you were at the TSPRA conference for roundtables or attended a few of TSPRA’s online learning opportunities, you know how cool Remo is to use!

Some of the tables will include:

  • One-man show idea central
  • Moving forward to next year
  • Counting down the days
  • End-of-year celebrations
  • Graduation central
  • Video/EMP ideas
  • Vacation – Who’s with me?
  • Vent Station
  • Virtual beverage, anyone?

If you haven’t used Remo, you’ll need to create a Remo account.

To create a Remo account: (it takes less than 5 minutes)

  • (not com)
  • login (located in upper right corner)
    • establish login and password
    • complete profile and consider adding your photo to make it more fun
  • It will ask if you want to begin your free trial.  Respond No

The floor will open at promptly 3:30 on May 13.

Link to join.


Once you enter the platform, you will be randomly dropped at a table.  Double click on empty chairs to visit tables.

Be sure to use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to turn on your mic and turn on your audio.

Vice President East Texas Area
ESC Regions 6, 7 and 8
Jamie Fails
Director of Communications
Willis ISD
202 West Rogers
Willis, TX 77378

Zone Coordinator
Sheila Adams, Lufkin ISD

ETSPRA is made up of East Texas Regions 6, 7 and 8. ETSPRA members meet 4-6 times per year, and share information through email and a shared Google Drive.

Vice President North Central Area
ESC Regions 9, 10 and 11
Megan Overman, APR, CPC
Director of Communications
Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD
1200 Old Decatur Road
Fort Worth, TX 76179

Zone Coordinator
Emily White, Sunnyvale ISD

SPRINT is the TSPRA chapter for Greater North Central Texas, serving members in ESC Regions 9, 10 and 11.

Every other month, members are invited to a large-group seminar that includes a “big idea” focus in a central location. Then, in the months in between seminars, SPRINT holds simultaneous sub-regional meetings that are closer to members’ home districts.

Members also receive updates regularly via the SPRINT in Action! e-newsletter and the SPRINT private Facebook group.

Up-coming Meetings:

June Social (TBD)

Vice President West Central Area
ESC Regions 12, 14 and 15
Elizabeth Cox
Executive Director of Communications and Community Engagement
Belton ISD
400 North Wall Street
Belton, TX  76513

Zone Coordinator
Jennifer Marshall-Higgins, CPC, ESC-1

Vice President Central Area
ESC Region 13
Marco Alvarado
Director of Communications
Lake Travis ISD
3322 Ranch Road 620 South
Austin, Texas

Zone Coordinator
Kristi Lee, Bastrop ISD

Vice President Northwest Texas Area
ESC Regions 16 and 17
Kenneth Dixon
Coordinator/Station Manager
Lubbock ISD
3201 Avenue Q
Lubbock, Texas 78411

Zone Coordinator
Matt Koumalats, ESC-16

The Northwest region covers the majority of the vast Panhandle of Texas.  It is almost 325 miles from our most northern district to our most southern.  We hold two meetings a year, rotating between Amarillo and Lubbock, one in October and one in April.  We also invite members from the Midland-Odessa area as they are geographically closer than their Far West Region districts.

Vice President Far West Area
ESC Regions 18 and 19
Melissa Martinez, CPC
Executive Director to Community Engagement
El Paso ISD
6531 Boeing Drive
El Paso, TX 79925

Zone Coordinator
Andrew Reynosa, Canutillo ISD

Schedule TBA

Vice President San Antonio Area
ESC Region 20
Kim Cathey
Public Information Officer
Floresville ISD
1200 5th Street
Floresville, TX 78114

Zone Coordinator
Scott Chidgey, North East

Up-coming Meetings:

2nd Wednesday of the Month at 9am, at this point meetings are virtual

May 12