Put the APR in YOUR Professional Portfolio
Invest in yourself, invest in your career and start your path to becoming an APR during this interactive session. Don’t let another year pass without adding this credential to your professional portfolio. During this session, you will meet with an APR mentor to get a jump start on your portfolio project and learn what it takes to earn this prestigious credential.  The session will provide you with a roadmap to earning your APR.

Julie Jones
Telling a compelling video story is dependent on knowing a hidden visual language that has been with us since early cinema days. The language is ‘hidden’ because it is a visual code embedded in every TV show, every video message and every movie you have ever watched. Although it is ever present, this visual code is easy to over look simply because it is visual.  Julie Jones, director of the National Photographers Association’s (NPPA) News Video Workshop, will introduce you to this language and show you how to harness it so you can build better stories from the concept all the way through to the last edit.

The Building Blocks of a Successful Bond Program
A successful bond election requires a strong foundation. As communication leaders for your District, understanding the required building blocks to support this effort is essential. This workshop will provide information on facility issues that prompt a building program, planning and design terminology, how facilities impact educational instruction, project team members and roles, and strategies for stakeholder engagement and communications.

Rookie Boot Camp
Every PR professional needs some tools to help navigate school communications. TSPRA Rookie Boot Camp will provide you with some basic tools, tops and techniques to finding your way through the day-to-day adventures we all face. Get to know your fellow rookies and meet some veterans who will help maximize your TSPRA experience.

Social Media with Andrea Gribble, #SocialSchool4ED
Andrea’s passion is helping schools recognize their daily awesomeness and sharing that story with the world. She’s built a team that celebrates hundreds of schools across the country! #SocialSchool4EDU provides full social media management, personally coaches social media teams and individuals, and offers a vibrant online community that provides ongoing professional development for school social media champions.


Golf: $40