TSPRA Strategic Initiatives

May 18, 2020: Plan approved by 2020-2021 Strategic Planning Committee

June 11, 2020: Plan approved by 2020-2021 TSPRA Executive Committee


Veronica Sopher, President-Elect and Chair, Fort Bend ISD [HASPRA]

Veronica Castillon, APR, President, Laredo ISD [Gulf Coast]

Monica Faulkenbery, APR, Immediate Past President, Northside ISD [SASPRA]

At-Large Vice Presidents:

Rebecca Villarreal, APR, At-Large Vice President, Place 1, New Braunfels ISD [CASPRA]

Stephanie De Los Santos, At-Large Vice President, Place 2, HCDE [HASPRA]

Emily Conklin, CPC,  At-Large Vice President, Place 3, Highland Park ISD [SPRINT]

Past Presidents:

Denise Blanchard, Amarillo ISD (2014-2015) [Northwest]

Ian Halperin, Wylie ISD (2016-2017) [SPRINT]

Members At Large:

Justin Elbert, Klein ISD [HASPRA]

Tiffany Veno, Garland ISD [SPRINT]


To envision a desired future for TSPRA by determining priorities and allocating resources for the organization’s strategic direction for the next fiscal year by identifying three “done-in-a-year” initiatives.

2020-2021 Strategic Initiatives

  1. Digital magazine
  2. Online learning program and delivery
  3. Relocation of TSPRA offices

Areas of member diversity and expertise for Nominating Committee consideration for slating the At-Large Vice President, Place 1 Position in the Fall 2020 for 2021-2022 Executive Committee Ballot.

  • Web
  • Graphic Design
  • Education Foundation
  • Member with fewer than five years TSPRA Membership
  • Young Professional

Initiative #1:  Digital Magazine
Budget:  $2000 


Create and publish a quarterly online magazine to expand communications of members and member accomplishments, showcase association programs and projects and showcase sponsors for the purpose of providing an additional member benefit as well as marketing TSPRA to others while also serving as an additional revenue generator.

Members Involved:

At-Large VP:  Stephanie De Los Santos, Chair

TSPRA Leadership: Veronica Castillon, APR

TSPRA State Office: Communication & Marketing Manager

Magazine Committee:

  • To be named by TSPRA President by July 10, 2020
  • Five-member committee
  • Expertise/experience with magazine/journalist a consideration for appointment
  • Magazine Ad Hoc Committee to be yearly appointment of TSPRA President

Resources Needed:

  • Communication & Marketing Manager’s Time
  • ISSUU subscription
  • School Revenue Partners – ad sales
  • Magazine Committee to assist with content budget
  • Member journalists to contribute articles
  • Member photographers and videographers to contribute visuals
  • Member graphic designers to provide creative

Timeline/To Do’s/Implementation:

  • Intent is to generate revenue by the third publication

Publication Name:  Communication Matters

[Publication of the Texas School Public Relations Association]

Magazine Committee to collaborate with Communications & Marketing Manager:

  • Edit and proof
  • Determine regular features
  • Determine feature articles
  • Solicit feature journalists and photographers
  • Assure diversity of articles
  • Submit photos

Publication Periods:

  • Back to School issue (fall)
  • Post-conference issue (spring)
  • Summer Issue
  • Winter Issue (conference-heavy content)

Design and Expectations:

  • 36-page magazine
  • 14.5 pages ads
  • President’s message each issue
  • Theme for each issue
  • Advertorials for purchase by sponsors
  • Complimentary ad for upper-level sponsors
  • Additional cost for ads with links to websites
  • Humor piece
  • Tips or how-to section

Progress/Feedback/Evaluation/Next Steps:

2020-2021 Committee:
Art Del Barrio, Pasadena ISD [HASPRA] Adam Holland, LaPorte ISD [HASPRA] Cissa Madero, Pearland ISD [HASPRA] Sheleah D. Reed, APR, Aldine ISD [HASPRA]

Publication Dates and Themes:
August 17, 2020- Communication Matters
October 15, 2020- Back to School
January 15, 2021- #TSPRA21 Conference
April 15, 2021- TBD

Advertising Sales:
Summer issue:
Fall issue:
Winter issue:
Spring issue:

Number of member contributions:
Summer issue:
Fall issue:
Winter issue:
Spring issue:

Initiative #2:  Online learning program and delivery
Budget:  $5150


Invest in the continued professional development of members by expanding opportunities for learning, networking and engagement of members and sponsors through ongoing virtual connections as a means of expanding skillsets, solving and sharing of common problems/issues and making professional connections in an effort to remove barriers of time and travel to deliver timely, job-related and relevant content throughout the year.

Members Involved: 

At-Large VP: Rebecca Villarreal, APR, Chair

TSPRA Leadership: Monica Faulkenbery, APR

TSPRA State Office:  All staff

Ad Hoc Committee:
Kristyn Cathey, Port Arthur ISD [HASPRA] Danielle Clark, APR, HCDE
Christina Courson Lockhart ISD [CASPRA] Angela Duitch, APR, Tyler ISD [East Texas] Jason Wheeler, CPC, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD [SPRINT]

  • To be appointed by TSPRA President by August 1, 2020
  • Five-person maximum per committee
  • Multiple committees may be necessary to address specific content/needs
  • Ad Hoc Committees to be appointed annually by TSPRA President

Timeline/To Do’s/Implementation:


  • June, July, August: Plan for fall
  • September: Execute September 2020- January 2021 Online Learning (may be unveiled in phases the first year)
  • March: Plan for spring
  • After spring break: Execute March-June 2021
  • NOTE: May-August 2020 – winging it from the state office

For consideration but not limited to:

  • First year communications academy (FYCA)
  • Lunch & learns (topic discussion related)
  • Roundtables (content delivery related)
  • New member orientation/introductions
  • Addressing diversity of expertise and their learning needs
  • Legal updates/training
  • Media relations training
  • Job-Alike Sessions
  • Regional meetings

First Year Communication Academy:

  • Develop curriculum
  • Determine time/hours/delivery
  • Solicit presenters
  • Determine pricing

Roundtables, Lunch & Learn, All Other:

  • How many? How often? How long?
  • Determine content
  • Solicit presenters
  • Monitor feedback

Always monitor for diversity of content to best maximize all TSPRA job descriptions.

Progress/Feedback/Evaluation/Next Steps:

Kristyn Cathey, Port Arthur ISD [HASPRA] Christina Courson, Lockhart ISD [CASPRA] Danielle Clark, APR HCDE
Angela Jenkins, APR, Tyler ISD [East Texas] Jason Wheeler, CPC, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD [SPRINT]

2020-2021 0fferings and number of attendees:
Fall 2020:
Spring 2021:
Summer 2021:

Sponsor revenue generated:
Registration revenue generated:
Expenses incurred:

Initiative #3:  Relocation of TSPRA Offices                                        Budget: $59,500


Anticipate necessary relocation of TSPRA offices within the next 3-18 months and recognize the burden of time created for the three-member TSPRA State Office staff for seeking suitable space, packing, moving, unpacking, setting up new offices and securing change of address on all collateral and being mindful that some regular tasks may be neglected, scheduled for alternative times and/or eliminated during FY 2020-2021 and prepare for the burden such activity could place on TSPRA fiscal stability.

Timeline/To Do’s/Implementation:

  • Secure commercial realtor
  • Visit possible locales
  • Sign lease
  • Get pricing from three movers
  • Purchase packing materials and supplies
  • Pack
  • Give notice to TASA
  • Arrange for move and relocate and set-up copier, phone system, internet, etc.
  • Unpack and set-up new space
  • Change address (mail, vendors, associations, hospitality, electronic forms, government entities, stationery, marketing collateral, branding, etc.)

Members Involved
At-large VP: Sherese Lightfoot, Chair
TSPRA Leadership:Veronica Sopher
TSPRA State Office:  Programs Manager