TSPRA Strategic Initiatives

May 18, 2021: Plan approved by 2021-20202 Strategic Planning Committee
June 10, 2021: Plan approved by 2021-2022 TSPRA Executive Committee


Rebecca Villarreal, APR, President-Elect and Chair, New Braunfels ISD [CASPRA]

Veronica Sopher, President, Fort Bend ISD [HASPRA]

Veronica Castillon, APR, Immediate Past President, Laredo ISD [Gulf Coast]

At-Large Vice Presidents:

Corey Ryan, At-Large Vice President, Place 1, Leander ISD [CASPRA] Stephanie De Los Santos, At-Large Vice President, Place 2, HCDE [HASPRA] Sherese Lightfoot, At-Large Vice President,Place 3, Garland ISD [SPRINT]

Past Presidents:

Brad Domitrovich, Retired (2008-2009) [Honorary]

Patti Pawlik Perales, Alamo Heights ISD (2013-2014) [SASPRA]

Members At Large:

Erin Gregg, Lubbock ISD [Northwest]

Clarissa Silva, Texas City ISD [HASPRA]


To envision a desired future for TSPRA by determining priorities and allocating resources for the organization’s strategic direction for the next fiscal year by identifying three “done-in-a-year” initiatives.

2021-2022 Strategic Initiatives

  1. Succession plan for hiring new TSPRA Executive Director
  2. Development of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statement, purpose, policy and plan
  3. Relocation of TSPRA offices (continued from 2020-2021)

Areas of member diversity and expertise for Nominating Committee consideration for slating the At-Large Vice President Place 1 and Place 2 positions in the Fall 2021 for 2022-2023 Executive Committee Ballot. (listed in no orderof importance or priority)

  • Rural representation
  • Education foundation or development
  • Community relations
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion expertise
  • Web
  • Graphic Design
  • Multimedia
  • Marketing
  • Multi-Lingual
  • District declining enrollment


Ensure the establishment of a process for non-profit hiring that meets legal HR protocols, offers flexibility, utilizesindustry best practices and offers opportunity to attract the best possible pool of candidates.

Members Involved Resources Needed
TSPRA Leadership: Rebecca Villarreal,APR, Chair

At-Large VP: Corey Ryan, Chair

TSPRA State Office:

•      Committee members

•      Subcommittee

•      Consultant services

•      Survey/ThoughtExchange platform

•      Advertising

•      Travel expenses

Timeline/To Do’s/Implementation:

Stakeholder feedback/buy-in Timeline for hiring

Appoint committees to determine timeline, refine job description


Develop a statement that leads to policy and best practices for investing in the many dimensions of TSPRA membership, drives an organizational code of ethics and becomes a working commitment to build a culture and work environment so that all members feel valued, included and equally represented.

Members Involved Resources Needed
At-large VP: Stephanie De Los Santos,TSPRA Leadership: Veronica Castillon,APR

TSPRA State Office: TSPRA ExecutiveDirector, Communications andMarketing Manager

Ad Hoc Committee:

•       To be appointed by TSPRA Presidentby end of Q1 (July-September)

•       Five-person maximum committeeappointments

•       Committee should commit toinvestment of time and travel fortraining

•       Committee should commit towriting for TSPRA publications anddelivering presentations to TSPRAmembership (virtual and in-person)


•       Investment in training by qualifiedprofessionals (travel may be expected)

•       Use of survey toolsStaff Time:

•       Attend training, schedule meetings, provideupdates, push information to membershipvia newsletter, eBlasts, virtual sharing, etc.

•       Research what others are and have done

Timeline/To Do’s/Implementation:
End Products:

1.     Record of member diversity

2.     Purpose

3.     Statement

4.     Policy

5.     Plan

6.     TSPRA Code of Ethics

Communication Delivery Channels

  • Ongoing conversations with EC
  • Conference
  • Newsletters
  • Regional meetings

Current contracted rent = $19,500 [assuming month-to-month Jan-June will not increase]


Anticipate necessary relocation of TSPRA offices within the next 12 months and recognize the burden of time realized of the three-member TSPRA State Office staff for seeking suitable space, packing, moving, unpacking, setting up new offices and securing change of address on all collateral and being mindful that some regular tasks may be neglected, scheduled for alternative times and/or eliminated during FY 2021-2022 and prepare for the burden such activity could place on TSPRA fiscal stability.

Members Involved Resources Needed
TSPRA Leadership: Veronica Sopher

At-large VP: Sherese Lightfoot

TSPRA State Office: Programs Manager

•      Commercial Realtor

•      Storage facility

•      Professional Movers

•      Staff Time
•      Increase in rent + deposit
•      Office set-up
•      Address changes
Timeline/To Do’s/Implementation:
•       Secure commercial realtor

•       Visit possible locales

•       Sign lease

•       Get pricing from three movers

•       Purchase packing materials and supplies

•       Pack

•       Give notice to TASA

•       Arrange for move and relocate and set-up copier, phone system, internet, etc.

•       Unpack and set-up new space

•       Change address (mail, vendors, associations, hospitality, electronic forms, governmententities, stationery, marketing collateral, branding, etc.)

Progress/Feedback/Evaluation/Next Steps:


4th quarter of fiscal year (April-June 2022)

Due to COVID, TASA Building has been closed since March 24, 2020. We can access the building; however, currently, custodial and mail delivery occurs only weekly and TASA staff continues to work remotely. Rent is less than climate-controlled storage (@$2.12/ square foot) so the current plan is to revisit office space as the lease expires in December 2021 with a possible 6-month lease renewal or month-to-month basis through June 2022 and to allow input from the new TSPRA Executive Director.

Complete suite of new office furniture ($16,000 purchase) was delivered, installed and is functional as of June 2020. It could be sold if decision is made to relocate remotely and invest in only storage space.

A state office residence continues to be a need for mail, meetings, use of equipment, housing of records, etc.

December 2020:

After negotiations with TASA, a one-year lease was signed with no raise in rent. Rent is

$1624.10 per month. Due to the pandemic and WFH protocol at TASA, they will remain in the building until at least December 2021. They know about our strategic initiative and the transition to a new TSPRA executive director in the summer of 2022. We will be able to go month-to-month beginning January 2022 and until a clearer plan is in place for TASA’s relocation efforts. This will allow the necessary time for TSPRA to involve its new leadership in therelocation of the TSPRA offices.

The price of the rent is well worth having a “headquarters” for copying machine, mail, meetings and to house and use the new furnishings and store archived records and necessary operating supplies and conference materials.

April 2021:

TASA remains WFH with staff accessing the building on an “as needed” basis. The receptionist works four days per week and is available for mail and deliveries. Custodial remains once weekly. TSPRA staff each works in the office one-day weekly and as needed. Internet is better at our homes. Staff is keenly aware of work tasks that are better suited for home and the office.

The copier lease has been renewed on a monthly basis. Our copier is the only commercial grade machine in the building.

We do need to consider upgrading our antiquated landline system to a VOIP system of sorts. It is currently bundled with our internet. We talked to TASA about joining their tele-system; however, it was not feasible for them to “own” our phone number. The existing TSPRA number would not be able to “move” with us as we transition to future locations. This is a matter of researching options, negotiating with vendors and considering best options for the long-term.