If you missed the orientation that was scheduled on Feb. 15, noon-1:00 p.m., watch THIS TUTORIAL on YouTube.

Establishing a Remo account is required BEFORE Remote Roundtables session starts. If you have joined us for a Remo session before, your account should be ready to go. If you haven’t, it is necessary to create an account by going to www.remo.co (NOT .com) and click on LOG IN (NOT “Start Trial”). Follow prompts to sign up for an account.

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Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2022, 3:00-4:45 p.m.

Back by popular demand, this year’s Roundtables will take place remotely on a platform called Remo. The platform works best on a laptop, so be sure to pack yours. You can do the Roundtables from the comfort of your room or any place in Kalahari with WiFi reception. Be sure to pack earphones if you are going this route.

Registration on Remo is required BEFORE the event starts. If you have joined us for a Remo session before, your account should be ready to go. If you haven’t set up your account by going to www.remo.co (NOT .com) and click on LOG IN (NOT “Start Trial”).  Follow prompts to sign up for an account.

The Remo room will open just prior to 3:00 so you can get logged in and virtually seated. 

NOTE: There are four, 20-minute rounds. Due to the platform, there is a limited number of seats per table. We suggest you make a list of several options to make the most out of your experience. Please note the session number. We also have Regional Area Lounges set up on floors 3, 4 & 5 to meet with other professionals, ask questions about your region and network.


  • TSPRA Help Desk
  • Sponsor Lounge

The School Customer Service Revolution
Sarah Berman, K12 Insight & Megan Overman, APR, CPC, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD
Learn how Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD is turning everyday interactions into exceptional experiences for its students, families, teachers, staff and community by strengthening relationships districtwide.

Digital Marketing Strategies to Engage Spanish Speaking Communities

Raymond Ruiz & Lizette Garcia, Harmony Public Schools
Go beyond Google Translate. Connect on a deeper level with more people by maintaining cultural specificity with the use of various digital marketing strategies.

Small Town PR Teams with Big Ideas: Quick Strategies for Success
Helen J. Escobar, Roma ISD
Small towns can pose a challenge for PR pros with “big city” ideas. Learn quick ideas create buzz without breaking the bank or your back.

Best Practices for Engaging Non-English-Speaking Parents and Communities
Hillary Berman, Alboum Translation Services
Learn how to get started with translation and empower schools with on-demand interpretation to improve engagement with all families, regardless of the language they speak.

Different Faces of a Bond Election
Susan Ard, CPC & Superintendent of Schools Chris Trotter Cleveland ISD
5 BONDS! 6 YEARS! Sharing techniques, ideas, marketing and strategies!

Taming the Roar
Rachel Acosta & Crestina Hardie, Leander ISD
Is your community a jungle sometimes? Let’s talk about de-escalating conversations, listening and responding with empathy, responding or taking time to process before providing feedback.

Equitably Engaging the Hardest to Reach Families
Stephen Quella, Jr., ParentSquare
How can you ensure that you engage with every family? We’ll discuss identifying who isn’t being reached, barriers to connection, leveraging technology and key stakeholders.

Connect with Your Best Untapped Resource
Jasmine Nguyen, Klein ISD
Students are at the center of our work. Learn how to build their trust, stay in touch, & tell THEIR stories.

How To Uncover Action Items from Key K-12 Research Findings
Jeff Windsor, Blackboard
You’ve felt the impacts of the past two school years. Discuss key findings from Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up Research Project and help you translate them.

Meet TSPRA Leadership
TSPRA President Rebecca Villarreal, APR; Veronica Castillon, APR, TSPRA Past President; Veronica Sopher, TSPRA Immediate Past President
Meet some of TSPRA’s leadership team and learn why they decided to get involved and what you can do to work towards TSPRA leadership opportunities.

Empower, Unify and Secure with Class Intercom
Jill Johnson, Ed.D, Class Intercom
EMPOWER unlimited users to enrich content and lessen workload all while maintaining brand UNITY through a moderation system that also provides SECURITY, including complete archival.

“Lights, Camera, Success!”
Mike Dudas & Dyann Polzin, Galveston ISD
Hear how the one-of-a-kind Media Arts program at Galveston ISD’s mega-magnet Ball High School collaborates with its community leaders and develops long term sustainable partnerships.


  • Regional Lounges
    Want to connect with regional leaders? Join us to network, learn about regional meetings, ask questions or just take a break to chat.

    • Gulf Coast Networking: ESC Regions 1, 2 & 3
    • Houston/Beaumont Networking: Regions 4 & 5
    • East Texas Networking: ESC Regions 6, 7 & 8

A Foolproof Crisis Communication Plan
Jason Jeffery & Alicia Ryan, CatapultK12
Including parents in your crisis communication plan is the one step you don’t want to forget to keep parents in the loop during emergencies.

Media Relations Tips
Gustavo Reveles, El Paso ISD
Get fair and accurate coverage. Attend for effective and useful tips on developing a good working relationship with the media covering your school district.

Combat Budget Cuts with Community Sponsors
Thomas Evans, School Revenue Partners
Let School Revenue Partners show you how to grow your department budget and combat budget cuts with an efficient and easy advertising program.

How to Get Involved with TSPRA
Denise Blanchard, TSPRA Past President, Amarillo ISD and Craig Eichhorn, APR, Alief ISD
Get involved! Join TSPRA past presidents and learn about the committee structure and how to capture appointments. TSPRA depends on about 100 volunteer leaders annually.

Nail Your Presentation: 6 Tips for Success
Morgan Delack, Finalsite
Presenting at the board table is your opportunity to showcase your accomplishments and elevate your role. Learn actionable tips to make your next presentation shine.

The Power of Alumni in your PR Campaigns
Jim Burgraff, Alex Burgraff & Deb Ingrassia, Alumni Nations
Learn how the influence Alumni communications can have on your 2022 communications goals and how to get it done without spending a lot of time.

Drone Zone – Answering the FAQs About Drones
Skyler Hefley, Tyler ISD
Do I need to be licensed? Which drone should I buy? Join to get all the answers to everything drone. Welcome to the Drone Zone.

Why is Brand Equity Taking a Key Position on Stage This School Year?
Frankie Hill & Chris Yee, Gabbart Communications
You’re essential to your school community. As your district’s Brand Ambassador, let’s talk about practical ways to improve brand equity for a healthier community.

Basic Design Principles for Non-designers
Tavo Caballero, Corpus Christi ISD
No need to be a professional graphic designer. Learn key graphic design principles to create efficient compositions and graphic structure for your communication pieces.

Make Media Releases Work for You: Get In-Formed on a Better Way
Steven Anderson, Intrado SchoolMessenger
Learn how your district can save money, time and headaches by using forms and workflows to streamline media releases, field trip permission slips and more.

Don’t Forget Your Gimmick – Using Gimmick Days to Build Your District Community
Elizabeth Ross & Chris Fraizer, Longview ISD
Are you losing social media followers? Learn how Longview ISD turned their social media presence around and increased engagement. For both small and large teams.

How Do You Add Election Planning and Communications to Your Already Full Plate?
Lesley Weaver & Suzanne Marchman, Huckabee
Don’t tackle bond planning and elections alone! We have a full-service team to help. It’s a win-win situation for YOU and your community!


  • TSPRA Help Desk

CRT, Masks and Sex Ed, Oh My: Why 70% Of Your Public Input Is the Opposite of What the Public Thinks – And What to Do About It
Kevin Lyons, FlashVote
Research shows public input differs from public sentiment about 70% of the time. Learn how to cut through the noise on any hot topic.

What to be Published? TSPRA Can Make That Happen
Adam J. Holland, LaPorte ISD and Communication Matters Editor
“Communication Matters” is TSPRA’s quarterly digital magazine. Members are invited to pen pieces ranging from 300 words to in-depth features. Learn more about getting published.

Developing and Nurturing Community Partners in a Hybrid Learning World
Patrick Hicks, VOLY, powered by VolunteerNow
Learn some tips how a focused and creative district in Houston is effectively serving its students by fostering old and building new community relationships, post-pandemic.

Giving Day Fundraisers for Education Foundations
Charlotte LaGrone, Weatherford ISD
Giving Days are an inexpensive and effective fundraiser for Education Foundations. Make the most of your Giving Day with these proven tips and strategies.

Qualtrics & Executive Director of Communications of  Southwest ISD Jesse Garcia
Robbie Brown, Qualtrics & Jesse Garcia, Southwest ISD
Join us to see how Southwest ISD and many TX districts use Qualtrics to improve communications and experiences with a system of action.

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Creating Advocates
Matthias Wehnert & Sarah Roberson, Apptegy
Research shows that the best way to build broad community support is to focus on creating advocates. Explore the counterintuitive blueprint of creating community advocates.

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About the APR
Valonia Walker, APR, Aldine ISD, Christie Goodman, APR, IDRA, Leanne Libby, APR, Corpus Christi ISD
Thinking about earning your Accreditation in Public Relations (APR)? Talk with a few APRs about the process and the benefits of earning your accreditation.

CPC-Certified Public Communicator Certification
Beth Trimble, CPC, Red Oak ISD & Susan Ard, CPC, Cleveland ISD
Learn how TCU’s Certified Public Communicator program has benefitted 45+ TSPRA members by helping districts to create communication plans and individuals to earn a certification.

Taming your Live Streaming and Video-on-Demand
Michael Kessler & Lisa Harmison, MyVRSpot
Live Broadcast district events – automatically record those broadcasts, add closed captioning, and have them available on your own Video-on-Demand platform. Maintain control and ownership.

Celebrate your Staff: How to Highlight your District’s Busiest Bees
Jessica Williams, Klein ISD
Celebrate MVPS with a profile feature. Join me as I share the success of her “Klein Profiles” series and steps to help start one.

Color Correction: Hints, Tips and Hues
Mitzi Loera, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Fix it in post not always but most of the time — save what you thought was lost and make what you didn’t pop!

Proactive Versus Reactive Customer CARE Training
Barbara “Jessika” Leal, JLeal Communications
Explore the difference between customer service (reactive) and Customer CARE™ (proactive). Build First Impression Specialists throughout your organization through approach, buffer phrases and service touchpoints.


  • Regional Lounge Areas
    Want to connect with regional leaders? Join us to network, learn about regional meetings, ask questions or just take a break to chat.

    • North Central Networking: ESC Regions 9, 10 & 11
    • West Central Networking: ESC Regions 12, 14 & 15
    • Central Networking: ESC Region 13

From Twitter to the District Newsroom: How to Empower Campus Key Communicators to Share Good News
Valonia Walker, APR, Aldine ISD
Eighty-three campuses, a competitive media market and a social media-savvy superintendent could lead to disaster or opportunity. Learn how to ensure it’s an opportunity.

Reinventing the Press Release: How to Hack Your Media Messaging to Increase Coverage and Enhance Your School Brand
John Boyd, Harmony Public Schools
Practical tips and handy hacks to increase positive coverage, build better relationships with journalists, improve brand knowledge of your district, and rule the SEO game.

YouTube Tutorials for Production Tasks
John Tarrant, Weatherford ISD and Cheryal Loosmore, Lake Travis ISD
Quick access to honing Adobe Premiere, Lightroom and other electronic media platform solutions. Obtain a list of YouTube tutorials that will provide just-in-time training.

Utilizing Campus Reps to Help Share Your District’s Message
Elizabeth Ross, Kacy Swaim & Chris Fraizer Longview ISD
How do you keep communication open between campuses and stakeholders? Learn what Longview ISD is doing to collaborate with campuses to share their stories.

Illustrator Who? Welcome to the New World of Canva!
Chelsea Ceballos, Klein ISD
Learn from a graphic designer how to utilize Canva.com to benefit you. It is also a cost and a time saver! Bring your computer.

From B to Z: Navigating Multi-generational Stakeholders and Staff
Danielle Clark, APR & Stephanie De Los Santos, Harris County Department of Education
Learn to interact and communicate with Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials and Gen Z, and understand why they do the things they do.

Telling Your Own Story: Creating a District Newspaper Via Corporate Partnerships and Student Buy-in
Matthew Prosser & Dustin Taylor, Longview ISD
Do you have difficulty getting your local newspaper to provide quality coverage? Learn how we created a district newspaper to tell our own story.

It’s a Hiring Jungle Out There!
Angela Duitch, APR, Tyler ISD
How can the communications department help HR with recruitment? Learn quick social media tips and creative ideas for recruitment, not just for advertising a position.

Get Schooled – How We Used “Social Media Takeover” to Engage Stakeholders
Brittany Blanchard and Laurin Moore, Angleton ISD
Angleton ISD’ Let’s Get Schooled invites the community into classrooms as students tweet, post and Instagram at one campus from the tardy bell to dismissal.

Connect with NSPRA
Barbara Hunter, APR, Executive Director, Nicole Kirby, APR, NSPRA President, Melissa McConnell, NSPRA South Central Vice President
Want to learn more about NSPRA and the benefits of joining? Give a Texas welcome to our NSPRA leaders!

Resumes and Interviewing in the Year 2022
Julie Thannum, APR, Senior Strategic Consultant, CESO Communications
Meet with a professional search consultant and gain some tips for improving your resume and enhancing your interview skills in the year of virtual job hunting

AP Style – Quick Review
Helen Williams, Greenville ISD
Engage in a quick review of AP Style, learn about resources for keeping current and a discuss the pros and cons for composing in AP Style.


  • Regional Lounge Areas
    Want to connect with regional leaders? Join us to network, learn about regional meetings, ask questions or just take a break to chat.

    • Northwest Texas Networking: ESC Regions 16 & 17
    • Far West Networking: ESC Regions 18 & 19
    • San Antonio Networking: Region 20

Don’t Be Afraid to Go LIVE
Sydney Hunt & Kirk Swann, Clear Creek ISD
Learn about the minimal equipment needed to set up livestreams and tips for connecting with your community in new ways to tell your story.

Good Leaders Build Leaders
Lindsey Yancey, Klein ISD
With the Superintendent’s Student Leadership Council, connect your superintendent with engaged student leaders to teach leadership skills, gain feedback and improve student experience.

Working with Faith Leaders to Support Your District
Phill Beckman, Birdville ISD
Learn how to include area faith leaders as components of your community partnerships and the benefits of regular meetings and communications with these important community members.

A Formula for Developing a Memorable Ground-Breaking Ceremony
Monica Faulkenbery, APR, Northside ISD
New schools around Texas are on the rise. During this session, receive ideas for efficiently managing groundbreaking and dedication events or even anniversary ceremonies.

Getting the Most out of Facebook Live
Phil Campbell, Bonneville Joint School District 93, Idaho and NSPRA Northwest Vice President
From fall carnivals to multi-camera live streams, learn how one district connects with the community without breaking the budget.

An Event to Remember … Making Building Dedications Special
Ian Halperin, Wylie ISD
Naming a school is one of the highest honors a district can bestow on someone. Learn how to make the dedication ceremony a memorable event.

Marketing Wins
Lisa Losasso Jackson, Go Public
Big and focused strategies for your district marketing efforts. This formula saves time and money. You’ll get tools, hacks and marketing wins!