Roundtable Sessions

1.  Communication, Contention & Conversation at Scale

Traci Marlin, Midway ISD; John Scroggie, Thoughtexchange 

Managing district communications isn’t easy during the best of times, and 2020 certainly wasn’t the best of times! Having robust and equitable conversations with groups over a small number in size is also a challenge when the going is easy, but even more so when the district is in crisis mode. In this session, we’ll delve into the art of hosting conversations at scale on contentious topics during times of crisis.

2.  Engage, Manage and Maximize Your Community Partners

Patrick Hicks, VolunteerNow/VOLY

Effective partner management, tracking and acknowledgment is key to fostering important relationships within the community and providing better learning experiences for your students.

3.  Livestream from Anywhere: Platforms, Tips & More!

Melinda Garza, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

Up-to-date information is more valuable than ever for your community members, staff and students. In this session, learn about different platforms you can use to livestream directly to Facebook and YouTube while utilizing multiple presenters, media and features all on one site. Livestream like a pro and do so in the comfort of your home, work or on the go!

4.  COVID-19 Has Changed the Way Schools Operate-Is Your Website Ready?

Nathan Buhl and John Doornbos, Finalsite

In this interactive session, we will share strategies that help communicate your vision while creating virtual hubs that serve as a “Digital Campus” for stakeholders!

5.  Improving Engagement Through SMS

Steven Anderson, Intrado SchoolMessenger

Understand the current research and methodologies for using SMS to provide targeted interventions and boost engagement.

6.  Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide for School Districts

Kendall David and Matthew Bolinger, Goose Creek CISD

Participants in this session will walk away with the ability to develop a district marketing plan. Often, school districts struggle with where to start. Let’s face it; marketing plans typically revolve around selling a product. This session will focus on how to strengthen support and community buy-in for your district. 

7.  Let’s talk about Sex… Ed Curriculum Input from Parents and Learn how to Hear from the Many (not Just the Noisy) for Any Issue

Kevin Lyons, FlashVote

A school district used SurveyMonkey and heard parents hated the SexEd curriculum. But a scientific FlashVote survey said the opposite… Learn how to avoid unrepresentative and unhelpful input. 

8. Language Access in Educational Settings  

Fabio Torres and Meti Dibra, The Translation & Interpretation Network

Presentation will focus on civil rights and public education, federal and state legislation for provision of language services in schools.

9. Getting the Most out of Facebook Live

Phil Campbell and Samantha Williams, Bonneville Joint School District 93

From fall carnivals to multi-camera live streams, this two-person team has found a way to connect with their community without breaking the budget.

10. Campus Life – Communication Problem Solver

Frankie Hill, Gabbart Communications

Campus Life simplifies and ignites community engagement! There has never been an easier way for schools to create, share and tell their stories!

11. Working Smarter, Not Harder: Using a Content Calendar for Planning

Krystyna Baumgartner, APR, Bay Shore UFSD

The presentation will describe the use of content calendar as part of the PR workflow. It will show an example of how it is being used in Bay Shore to plan content for stories across website and social media platforms. The presentation will also describe how it has helped in the tracking of when stories are being told, the number of stories per building and the number of stories per curriculum area.

12. Engage, Manage, and Maximize Your Community Partners

Patrick Hicks, VolunteerNow/VOLY

Effective partner management, tracking and acknowledgment is key to fostering important relationships within the community and providing better learning experiences for your students.

13. Back to School and Beyond: Helping Families Adapt in a Time of Uncertainty and Change

Charlene LaFerriere and Mary Alice McMorrow, TeacherLists

No matter what’s in store for back-to-school, we’ll show you how to help families get their child prepared for any learning environment.

14. “Dear Media Friends:” Fostering a Positive Working Relationship with the Press

Gustavo Reveles and Melissa Martinez APR CPC, El Paso ISD

After years of “negative” coverage and adversary relationships with the media, and following a shift in administration and staff, the EPISD Office of Community Engagement decided to work on rebuilding its relationship with reporters. Learn how EPISD re-established itself as a leader in media relations in the city using strategies of transparency and availability that benefit both the district and the reporter.

15. Saying No the Right Way

Dane Dellenbach and Jonathan Rivera, Smore

Do you ever find yourself needing to say no to a project but don’t know how? This roundtable will help you say no the professional way to relieve stress and increase productivity.

16. Make History! Learn Effective Practices to Plan an Anniversary Celebration

Arianna Vazquez-Hernandez, APR, CPC, Claudia V. Lemus Campos, Marco Vasquez, Daniel Ramos, Santiago Zavala, Crystal Villarreal de la Paz, Melinda Garza and James Jenson, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

Attend this session to learn how PSJA ISD hosted an unforgettable year-long multifaceted centennial celebration that united and engaged stakeholders through monthly events and districtwide activities. Attendees will learn tips and best practices on how to plan an unforgettable celebration while promoting their school district’s brand.

17. PIVOTing Your Election Strategy During a Pandemic

Megan Smith and Suzanne Marchman, Huckabee

Join us for a discussion on helpful tips and lessons learned when educating your community during a pandemic on top of changes in ballot language.

18. Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About the APR

Rebecca Villarreal, APR, New Braunfels ISD; Angela Duitch, APR, Tyler ISD

Thinking about earning your Accreditation in Public Relations (APR), but didn’t know who to ask? Here’s your chance to talk with a few APRs about the process and the benefits of earning your accreditation.

19. Ensuring Equity in COVID Communications

Hillary Berman, Alboum Translation Services

COVID spotlighted the need for equity in communications. This session covers how to distribute information to families in real-time, regardless of the language they speak.

20. Why TSPRA Leadership?

Veronica Castillon, APR, Laredo ISD; Veronica Sopher, Fort Bend ISD; Monica Faulkenbery, APR, Northside ISD; Rebecca Villarreal, APR, New Braunfels ISD

TSPRA is a strong organization because of its membership and leadership. See why you should consider a leadership role in TSPRA no matter the size of your district or what title you have, and how it can positively impact your career. Come find out what kind of roles/committees are available and meet the current leadership to see why they decided to get involved.

21. Improving Customer Service Across the District — How Corpus Christi ISD Got Buy-in and Rolled out a New Communications Tool

Leanne Libby, APR, Corpus Christi ISD

Find out how Corpus Christi ISD improved customer service, successfully rolling out a new communications tool, campuswide, by starting with the executive team, training the schools and staying involved.

22. PR and a Pandemic

Jenny Bridges, Waxahachie ISD

Share lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and how those lessons can apply to all areas of school PR.

23. Advocating for Public Schools Online

Amanda Quraishi, Texas Association of School Boards

This roundtable discussion is about best practices, tools and strategies for building a public-facing digital advocacy campaign. We will discuss organic and paid social media promotions, email marketing, audience segmentation and ways to measure the efficacy of a campaign.

24. A Photo Goes Viral – How do You Manage?

Emily Birdwell, Seminole ISD; Taylor Siebert & Ben Pankonin, Class Intercom

Right when you thought 2020 could not get any more challenging, a photo taken at a Varsity Football Game goes viral. In this session, we will talk about how our actions in the midst of social media create opportunities for our school, our students and our community

25. The “Art” of Visual Storytelling

Ray Rush and Keith Patrick, Frenship ISD

Visual storytelling cuts to the heart of producing features, combining all elements of the craft to engage our stakeholders. Learn how to combine all the elements (visuals, camera placement and movement, sound gathering [natural and soundbites]), lighting and editing tips and tricks. Learn how to use every tool in your Visual Storytelling toolbox.

26. State of the District

Travis Zander and Josh Waddell, Forecast5 Analytics

Come learn how to quickly create visuals to help tell your State of the District. After attending this roundtable, you will get a customized report for your district that will include 11 data points.

27. Connect. Engage. Motivate.

Tom Deliganis and Jill McKay, M. Ed, The Scholastic Network

Learn more about how to connect with students, staff & your community, engage students in the multimedia process, motivate them to be college-ready & create a safe, healthy environment. All in one, simple broadcast network.