TSPRA’s annual conference planning is in full swing. This year, we are “Learnig in the Wild” and celebrating our 60th year. The Conference Planning Committee meets on November 4, 2021 to slate breakout and roundtable sessions. You will be contacted by the end of December with their decision

Submit your proposals by 5 p.m. Oct. 25 for consideration. Any proposals submitted after 5 p.m. will not be considered.

Here is an overview of how presentations are chosen each year:

• The state office issues a call for sessions, typically beginning in September. On the submission form, submitters choose if they are open to change the type of session. For example, a member may submit a breakout session but be offered a roundtable session instead or vice versa.

• The sessions are organized in the order they are received and by type (breakout, roundtable, vendor).

• The conference committee meets, typically in November, to slate the programming as well as alternatives. It is typical for the committee to have more than 80 proposals to consider for about 40 slots.

• Fun fact! During this meeting, they also sample food options and select the break and meal menus.

• In support of the Conference Planning Committee, the state office contacts applicants by end of December. If their presentation is approved, they are asked to confirm their acceptance and make any edits for the program by a specified deadline. Sometimes presenters change their minds and choose not to move forward. At that point, their space is offered to an alternate choice. Once this process is complete, all those who submitted are contacted. If a presenter doesn’t accept their assignment and confirm program information by the specified deadline, their presentation will be replaced by an alternate.