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Renewing your TSPRA membership for 2018-2019

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If you're a TSPRA member, then you've probably received the first automated reminder that it's time to renew your membership from Member365. 

TSPRA has a long renewal period, your membership doesn't expire until Oct. 31. When you do decide that it's time to renew, here are some tips and advice. 

  • If you're a group manager looking to renew lots of people all on one invoice, email the TSPRA State Office with their names and we can get that set up for you. 

  • Similarly, if you're trying both to renew and add a new member on the same invoice, email the TSPRA State Office with the names of the renewals and the names, phone numbers, email addresses, titles and membership levels of the new members and we can combine those for you here.  

  • If you joined in March or later, after the 2018 Conference, then your membership carries over through the 2018-2019 school year, so you don't have to renew. However, if you're still getting the reminders, check to make sure you've paid your invoice for that membership, or contact the State Office.

  • If you've changed districts over the summer and are looking to join at your new place of employment, please make a new profile rather than updating the information in your old one so that your invoices at the old district stay with that district. 

  • If you're waiting until September and the new budget year to pay, please just ignore the reminders. It's an email, and it's easier for you to ignore than for us to turn them off specifically for you. 

Thank you,

TSPRA State Office