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TSPRA Newsletter Issue 57 for Web

ISSUE 56 - April 27, 2011

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NSPRA 2011: San Antonio, July 10-13

The NSPRA National Seminar is right in our backyard this year, and it'll be here before you know it! They're offering all kinds of great discounts, so don't put off registering any longer.
- $50 off for early bird registrants
- $100 off for Texans (yeehaw?)
- Discounts for attendees from the same district

And if you had a great time at the SchoolMessenger-sponsored Star Awards after party at our conference, you won't want to miss their event in San Antonio on July 12th! Speaking of SchoolMessenger...
Don't miss the deadline (May 31) for their Act Local Grant. One Texas K-12 district will win a $2,500 grant toward its communications program or communications student scholarship. The winner will be announced at the Seminar on July 13. Learn more at www.schoolmessenger.com/local.