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Blue Ribbon Committee Recommendations

Meeting Date: April 17, 2009

Recommendation 1:
This Blue Ribbon Committee affirms the existing bylaws and approved Strategic Plan and current nomination/election process. We make the recommendation that each area submit one nomination for an Area VP, with the understanding that multiple nominees may be received from each region. In the case of multiple submissions, the ultimate responsibility for the slate of officers falls to the nominating committee. We recommend that a structure for this process be created by TSPRA and area VPs be trained in carrying this process out in their regions.

Recommendation 2:
Better communicate roles within the election process, roles of the nominating committee and who can serve on the committee.

Recommendation 3:
We affirm the Bylaws and Strategic Plan which more clearly define the roles of the At-Large VP. TSPRA will better educate our members on the responsibilities of these two positions.

The position is defined as follows:
• Representing the whole state not a specific geographical region. The at-large members shall serve all members.
• Working on the document vault, keeping it alive.
• Contributing articles to other statewide publications on behalf of TSPRA.

Recommendation 4:
That the Executive Committee study the ballot language and the ballot process to look for areas of improvement, particularly in the area of presenting the process as an ‘election’.