Proposed Bylaws Changes 2017


TSPRA logo 2013TSPRA members who attend the General Membership Meeting at the 2017 TSPRA Conference will be asked to vote on a proposed change to TSPRA's Bylaws and Standing Rules.

These changes were developed by TSPRA's Bylaws Ad Hoc committee and reviewed by the Executive Committee at their June meeting, but will not go into effect until they are passed by a two-thirds majority in the case of the bylaws and a simple majority in the case of the standing rules at the General Membership Meeting.

The change details the creation of a new TSPRA Professional Award, the Partner in Public Education Award and looks like this:

Proposed Amendment


Article II-Committees

            2. Professional Awards Committee


“Partner in Public Education Award” - The recipient shall be an individual or organization who has made significant contributions to the cause of public education and/or the profession with actions and/or contributions complementing the mission of TSPRA.  The media and active TSPRA members are not eligible to receive this award.

Over the next several weeks we're going to break these changes into smaller chunks for the newsletter to help highlight what members need to know before they vote.  As the conference approaches, we'll distribute a full list of proposed changes for the review of members. 

Click here to see an FAQ put together by the bylaws committee.